What Companies Use Gusto for Payroll?

What companies use gusto payroll? image of gusto software and mobile app

In the increasingly digital landscape of business management, companies are constantly seeking efficient and user-friendly solutions for their operational needs, payroll being a prime example. Gusto, a modern payroll, benefits, and human resource management software, has become a popular choice among small to medium-sized businesses.

Overview of Gusto

Gusto provides comprehensive payroll services along with benefits administration, compliance, and HR tools designed to simplify processes that traditionally consume a lot of time and resources. Founded in 2011, Gusto has aimed to make payroll as straightforward and as intuitive as possible. The platform integrates various functions into one user-friendly interface, promoting a better overall user experience.

Types of Companies That Use Gusto

Here’s a few organizations that use Gusto payroll:
Sequatchie County, TN,
a United States based Government organisation with 785 employees and revenues of $39.0 million, 

RocketPower Talent Solutions,
U.S. based with with 200 employees and revenues of $22.0 million, 

MakeSpace, U.S. based with with 180 employees and revenues of $15.0 million, 

Cortex Health, a U.S. based with 120 employees and revenues of $15.0 million, 

Workera AI, a U.S. based with with 65 employees and revenues of $7.0 million

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Gusto is particularly popular among SMBs across various industries. This demographic often benefits significantly from Gusto’s services because it combines several necessary functions at a cost-effective price point. Small businesses can manage payroll, benefits, and compliance—all under one roof without the need for a dedicated HR department.

Tech Startups

Many young technology companies prefer using Gusto due to its modern interface and the scalability it offers. Startups value efficiency and often lack the manpower for extensive administrative tasks. Gusto’s automated systems allow these companies to manage payroll and resources effectively without detracting from their primary focus—innovation.

Retail and Restaurant Chains

For businesses that have to manage a diverse and dynamic workforce with varying shifts, such as retail shops and restaurants, Gusto’s features like direct deposit, automated tax processing, and easy-to-use mobile interfaces make it a preferred choice. It simplifies the complexities associated with handling part-time and full-time employees working at different times and rates.

Consulting Firms

Small to mid-sized consulting firms also gravitate towards Gusto for its ability to handle various employment types and subcontractor payments. Its system accommodates the unique needs of consulting businesses which typically deal with a mix of permanent and freelance staff.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits find Gusto’s straightforward payroll processing and HR functionalities beneficial, especially given their often limited budgets. Gusto’s cost-effectiveness coupled with robust support and simple setup can make a significant difference in resource allocation for non-profits.

Key Features That Attract Businesses to Gusto

  • Full-service payroll: Gusto automatically calculates, pays, and files your state and federal payroll taxes. It also handles forms like W-2s and 1099s.
  • Benefits administration: Beyond payroll, it offers tools to manage health insurance, 401(k) plans, and other benefits directly from the platform.
  • HR support: From templates for employee handbooks to compliance assistance, Gusto provides a range of HR tools.
  • Customer service: Gusto is known for its excellent customer support, which is crucial for businesses without a dedicated HR department.

Why Companies Choose Gusto

The attraction to Gusto stems from its simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. Companies that are growing find that Gusto can scale with them, adapting to increasing complexity in payroll and HR needs. Moreover, the all-in-one nature of the software ensures that businesses can manage human resources without juggling multiple platforms.

Gusto’s integration capabilities with other tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks also make it a popular choice for businesses looking for a seamless experience across their management software.

Gusto is shaping the way forward for payroll and HR management, especially for small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and non-profits. With its comprehensive features and straightforward usability, it’s no wonder that such a wide range of companies choose Gusto to streamline their operations. Whether it’s managing payroll, benefits, or ensuring compliance, Gusto offers a robust solution that meets diverse business needs efficiently and effectively.


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