Kuto Promo Code 2022 – Get $6 with Signup

Kuto promo code 2022

Verified working promo code as of January, 2023


Kuto is a new way to pay that helps local businesses.

Kuto uses secure bank transfers (like a debit card) to save small businesses’ fees and money and keep money local. But it’s even easier to use than a credit card. There’s no swiping ot tapping. Just open the app and click approve and you are all set.

The app also includes nearby suggestions of where you can use Kuto, so there’s always somewhere to spend your Kuto bucks.

You can get rewards from businesses because they prefer Kuto.

When you refer a friend you also get 6$ bucks.


Hi! I’m Chris. I’m a single Dad in Portland, OR with a digital marketing background. I like to start weird website projects like this one. Basically, I’m just promoting referral offers that I get from the businesses I signup with. If you click on one of the links and get a discount, I will probably get a discount too. I’m hoping it will earn me a little passive income or some sweet deals, but I really have no idea.

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