Gusto Payroll Promo Code 2024 – Get $200!

Gusto promo code for signup

Get $100-$200 when you use this discount link to sign up for and run your first payroll.

Use This Gusto Promo link:

(You will get $100 when you run your first payroll or $200 if you have 10 employees or more)

New to Gusto?

Gusto offers more than just payroll:

Full-service payroll, employee benefits, time and attendance, hiring and onboarding, talent management, insights and reporting.

I’ve been using Gusto at my 25-person Creative Agency for around 5 years and it’s kinda amazing. The local payroll company that we used before pales in comparison.

Gusto is specifically designed for small to medium business owners to run payroll and administer benefits. It’s a do-it-yourself browser-based interface that gives your employees control over managing their benefits–so you don’t have to. It easily integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, and other financial apps.

Gusto’s automation features make so many things easier and our employees love being able to update their own benefits, get advance payments, request days off, check on their PTO accrual, request time off, and update insurance and beneficiaries–all on their own. We even use it for employee reviews, new hire letters, insurance, donations to causes, and more.

The Nitty Gritty: Gusto is a Full-Service Payroll Company

With Gusto, payroll takes just a few clicks. Gusto automatically files taxes, helps with compliance, and can even identify tax credits to help you save you money. In many cases, Gusto can even transfer your payroll and benefits data from your existing provider for you.’s services include:

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Access to HR experts
  • State tax registration
  • International contractor payments
  • Automatic W-2s and 1099s
  • Time off requests and approvals
  • Project tracking and cost reports
  • PTO policies and reporting
  • Mobile time tracking
  • R&D tax credits
  • Workforce and project costing
  • Actionable team insights
  • Automatic custom reports

Just about every small business that uses Gusto seems to love it. Your employees can customize their own plans according to the options you provide. Did I say it’s amazing?

Is this the best discount promo for Gusto?

Yes! It’s the only one I’ve found anyway. They will send you a digital visa gift card after you run payroll for the first time. If you have more than 10 employees you get $200.

Is this Gusto coupon current?

Yes! It will not expire. It is current.

When do I get my Gusto discount/promo?

Click the link below to get your discount. Then when you are set up and run payroll, Gusto will send you a preloaded card with a 100-200 balance to spend. $200 if you have 10 employees or more.

Tips For After you Signup with with Promo Coupon

Verify Employee Information:
Always double-check the information entered on each employee’s profile, especially their social security numbers and addresses. This will ensure that each employee is paid correctly and on time.

Use Pre-Tax Deductions:
Gusto provides an option to set up pre-tax deductions for benefits like health insurance, 401(k) contributions, and other voluntary deductions. Pre-tax benefits can help save employees money on taxes and can reduce the employer’s payroll tax liability.

Set Up Additional Pay Runs:
It’s important to know that Gusto provides the option to run off-cycle payrolls in the event of a missed pay run, bonuses, expense reimbursements, or other occasional payouts.

Check Tax IDs and Filing Frequency:
Check with your state and federal tax authorities to ensure that you’ve entered the correct tax IDs and chosen the correct filing frequency. Gusto offers support for multiple state tax IDs and filing requirements.

Gusto Sick Time and Vacation Accruals:
Use Gusto’s accrual feature to automate the accrual of sick time and vacation leave. This will help employees keep track of their time off while also saving the employer time.

Stay Up to Date on Tax Law Changes:
Tax laws are changing all the time, so it’s important to stay up to date to avoid penalties. Gusto offers Payroll Tax Compliance updates and notifications about tax law changes to ensure compliance.

Frequently Check and Approve Employee Time Off Requests:
Use Gusto’s time off tracking feature to manage employee time off requests and approve or deny them with ease.

Set Up Overtime Rules:
Set up overtime rules in Gusto to ensure that employees are getting paid correctly for overtime hours.

Gusto Reports:
Gusto provides detailed payroll reports that can help you stay on top of your payroll and tax liabilities.

Provide Custom Pay Stub Content:
Gusto provides an option in customizing a pay stub to personalize communication or to add additional pay, deductions or other information.

Choose your Payroll Frequency:
Gusto recommends the most common payroll frequency by default, but you can choose to pay your employees as often or as infrequently as you’d like.

Use Gusto’s Mobile App:
Gusto provides a mobile application for iOS and Android devices to help manage payroll on the go.

Use Gusto’s Employee Benefits:
Gusto makes it easy to set up benefits like retirement plans, health insurance, commuter benefits, and others, all in a single dashboard that syncs with payroll.

Make Use of Gusto Support:
Gusto offers customer support via phone, chat, and email. They also provide extensive online resources and a blog that can help answer any questions.

Review Your Account Regularly:
It’s important to review your account regularly to ensure everything is up to date, all employee information is correct, and payroll processing is running smoothly. Gusto provides a dashboard that lets you track employee payroll information and any pending tasks that need to be completed.

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